MOTORWAY INVESTMENT and OPERATION Inc. was founded with the participation of Nurol Construction and Trade Inc., Özaltın Construction Trade and Industry Inc., Makyol Construction Industry Tourism and Trade Inc., Astaldi S.p.A, Yüksel Construction Inc., and Göçay Construction Contracting and Trade Inc. in 2010. The company was found with the objective of executing the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir (İzmit Gulf Passage and Access Roads included) Motorway Project on BOT model basis. In this context, the term of contract is 22 years and 4 months.

  • Project is totally 421 km long, comprising 377 km of motorway and 44 km of access roads.
  • One Suspension Bridge 3 km in length approximately;
  • 30 Viaducts 18.212 m in total length;
  • 4 Tunnels 7.395 m in total length;
  • 209 Bridges;
  • 18 Toll Collection Areas;
  • 5 Motorway Maintenance-Operation Centres;
  • 7 Service Areas and 7 Park Areas

Advantages of the Project:

  • Balıkesir and Manisa will become new attraction areas for industrial investments.
  • It will contribute positively to the industry in Eskişehir-Bozüyük-Bilecik Zone located around the route.
  • Access to the İzmir Port as well as the ports in the Marmara Region and the Çandarlı Port, which is planned to be constructed in the future, will be provided.
  • The Marmara and the Aegean Regions will be connected through motorway network.
  • The Gulf will be passed in 6 minutes over the planned Suspended Bridge.
  • Vehicle operation costs will fall down.
  • Negative environmental impacts will be minimised.
  • Traffic accidents will be reduced.
  • Travel time from İstanbul to Bursa will be reduced to 1 hour, to İzmir 3.5-4 hours and to Eskişehir 2-2.5 hours.
  • Travel time to Antalya, which offers great potential for tourism, will be shortened further.
  • Traffic load on the existing Gebze-İzmir axis will decrease by 30%.