When founding GÖÇAY in 1979 our priority target was to grow into a company which had proven itself in the construction sector with its achievements and serving our country.

I see with great happiness and honor that we, together as the GÖÇAY family, have successfully achieved the target we set at the beginning.

We finalized all our commitments within the shortest achievable times, with low costs and at the highest quality. We contributed to the economy of our country.

In tandem with it, we grew steadily and, more importantly, with “confidence”.

Today we have much greater goals.

We aim attain the position of a worldwide company within the globalization which is the irresistible concept of the new millennium; our modern understanding of production in compliance with international norms, our machine park that can meet all current requirements and our qualified employee; each specialized in their own fields.

I would like to express my gratitude to investor companies which have provided us with the opportunity to execute their projects, our business, partners and our staff which forms the great GÖÇAY family.

Yours sincerely,

Mustafa GÖÇEN


Göçay Construction Contracting & Trade Co. Inc. established in Aydın in 1979, is a construction company with works and achievements at world standards in parallel with the globalization and development after 80s.

Expertise subjects are so wide including big construction works such as highways, motorways, asphalt pavements, bridges, tunnels, airports, dams, ponds, irrigation, drinking water supply lines, wastewater treatment plants, tourism facilities, business centres, residential complexes and any kind of industrial, social and administrative facilities construction with the benefits of devel ...

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